_L_I_N_E_ at the Inverness County Centre for the Arts

Very pleased to be included in the current exhibition in Inverness, Nova Scotia, curated by Robin Hill, titled _L_I_N_E_.  It features work by visual artists and writers.  From the curator's statement:

The exhibition explores the structural underpinnings of line in visual art and creative writing. The work in the exhibition explores the use of line in many dimensions, such as its use as an organizing principle, a technique, a concept, a phenomenon, a residue, a situation, a notation, an accumulation, a trajectory, a map, or a political or geographic threshold among others, in multiple disciplines such as the written word, painting, sculpture, drawing photography, video and combinations thereof. The opening reception is a great opportunity to meet the artists and discuss their work.

The artists’ works span the languages of abstraction and representation and embodies as its motivation both the imagined and the real.

The material and conceptual strategies include fishing lines, outlines, on lines, in lines, across lines, linings, hard lines, soft lines, invisible lines, deadlines, line ups, clotheslines, crossing lines, drawing the line, line by line, lines of verse, tracing the line, second line.

Visual Artists: Caroline Cox, Alex Livingston, Robyn Love, Tony MacKinnon, Barb Hunt, Sadie Bills, Elizabeth Whalley, Katie Kehoe, Robin Hill, Paul Ballard, Ann Richardson, Heather Nichol, Irena Schön, and Brooklyn Stewart.

Creative Writers: Anne Lévesque, Susan Paddon, Sarah Faber, Rebecca Silver Slayter, Leslie Schwerin, Kjeld Haraldsen (a.k.a. Richard Harvor), Oana Avasilichioaei, and Iris Cushing.