Black Lives Matter - Knit Hat Pattern (free!)

If you scroll back through posts, you will see one that discussed the Pussy Hat Project that spontaneously happened around The Women's March following the election of DJT in the US.  I had some large conversations with people whom I respect about the goal of that project and whether or not it excluded people of color and/or people who identify as women but don't have pussies.  (Short answer:  it's complicated.)  In any event and along the way, I decided to make a hat pattern for the Black Lives Matter movement.  One black friend who was part of that conversation asked me, "Will handknit hats really make large gatherings of black people less threatening?"  I don't know but I do believe with all my heart in the power that making things with our hands has to change our perspective.  And that doing it together can change the world.  Call me a dreamer.   So - on the chance that knitting can help make inroads among people who might otherwise look away or look in anger, here it is!

Black Lives Matter Knit Hat Pattern

Need:  approx 100 yds of worsted weight yarn (I used Cascade 220) in color A (Black) and 25-30 yds of Color B (California Poppy).

Size US 8 16" circular needle and four size US 8 double pointed needles

Yarn sewing needle


Using a worsted weight yarn (like Cascade 220), cast on 92 sts in Color B and join, being careful not to twist stitches.  Knit K2, P2 ribbing for 3 rows.  Switch to Color A and continue in ribbing st until ribbing measures 2"  Change to Stockinette St and knit four rows.  Change to Color B and knit two rows, then knit two rows in Color A.  Begin Chart A (work right to left).  After the last row, knit two rows in Color A, then two rows in Color B.  Return to St st in Color A for four more rows.  

Begin decrease: knit 9 st, K2tog, (K 8, k2tog) 8X.  Knit every stitch next row.  NEXT ROW:  knit 8 st, K2tog, (K 7, k2tog) 8X.

Continue like this, alternating decrease rows, one stitch fewer each time, with all knit/no decrease rows, switching to double pointed needles with needed.  When there are two stitches before the decrease, then make the decreases every row.  K2tog until 8 sts remain.  Cut yarn with an 8" tail.  Use this tail to thread through remaining sts and pull tight to close up hole.  Weave in tail through at least 6 stitches around closed hole on the inside of the hat and snip off end.  Weave in all ends.