In Residence at Struts!

I am thrilled to have arrived in Sackville, NB, to start my month-long residency at Struts Artist-Run Centre. I am working on a new project titled, Reliquary. For this project, I am collecting well-worn objects from local residents (and you too, if you like) and transforming them; tapping into their stories and energy to create something new.

Do you have something kicking around the house that you have used and loved (or not) and can’t quite bring yourself to throw out or get rid of?  I am looking for things that have a history – they don’t have to be fancy or special, except to you.  You will have the option to have the object returned to you in its transformed state or it will become part of a silent auction at the end of my residency, with any funds raised going to support the Artist Residency Program here.

Send it along! (Should arrive no later than October 10th to guarantee that I will have time to work with it.)

Struts Artist-Run Centre

7 Lorne Street

Sackville, NB

E4L 3Z6

The beginnings of a transformation.  Donation by A.G.

The beginnings of a transformation. Donation by A.G.