For the past two weeks (almost), I have been in India.  I am in Chennai for two weeks of a yoga therapy internship and then I will take a massive, 31-hour train ride to Ahmedabad.  Once there, I will start a month-long artist residency.

I have only a few more days of my internship and, I must confess, I will not be terribly sad to leave Chennai.  It is notoriously hot and humid and I can feel myself fading a bit as a result.  I have heard that Ahmedabad is also quite hot but, as they say, it's a dry heat.  It is a little disappointing to have something like the weather make such a huge impact on the quality of my time here...but it seems to be so.

Meanwhile here is a photo I took yesterday after the first of the monsoon rains happened around mid-afternoon.  

I am sure that I will have lots more to share once I am settled in Ahmedabad.  I am really looking forward to making things again.  As much as I love yoga and yoga therapy, it is tough to set aside making completely for my studies.  My hands are itching to get back to work!